Meet Your Practitioner

Jo Douglas - Naturopath

I am a qualified practitioner with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. I am also trained in dietetic and nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and hydrotherapy treatments. With support also offered via iridology, flower essence therapy and homeopathy.  I am a member of the Naturopathic and Herbalists Association of Australia.

Jo Douglas Naturopath

My Journey

I have always had an interest in food and nutrition and living healthy. For 15 years I lived in a country community on a property where I was able to grow my own food, raise animals and live a relatively healthy life. During this time I was also working as a school support officer specialising with children with learning difficulties including speech and language difficulties, attention deficit disorder, asperger syndrome and autism.  While working within the education system I became interested in how health and nutrition affected behaviour and learning and this planted a seed for my own further growth.

Fast forward a few years and my own battles with headaches, migraines and hormonal issues led me to visiting a naturopath after exhausting all other avenues of medicine. The help I obtained there was the final push I needed to return to full time study and complete my Bachelor of Health Science, Naturopathy. As my qualification is a science degree I was taught evidenced based medicine combined with traditional naturopathic skills. This combination has enabled me to provide support for a multiple of health issues and I have specific interest in gastrointestinal health,  women's health, stress and anxiety related disorders and autoimmune conditions.

I have a passion for education and helping people be the best that they can be. My approach to treatment is to use the least intervention and help people take control of their own health journey. I will provide the educational tools and support you need to make positive, long lasting changes to increase your vitality and general wellbeing.