Diet Analysis and Nutritional Medicine

All Naturopathic treatments encompass a holistic and individualised approach to health and when assessing diet and nutrition this is no different. The human body is amazing and given the right environment it will always try to restore balance, overcome disease and heal itself. 


What is the right environment? Everything we eat and drink is digested through gastrointestinal system and all the nutrients found within these foods are then utilised in all sorts of processes within the human body.  This is our fuel, it is what keeps us going, and what food we consume can also dictate how well we keep going.  

When you are suffering from an illness or condition a naturopath will always look at the type of fuel you are giving your body. The analysis of your diet can give great insight to signs and symptoms that you are experiencing and help the naturopath identify possible contributors to you current state of wellbeing.

Nutritional Medicine assesses the therapeutic value of specific nutrients and with targeted treatment can promote change in psychological, physical and biochemical health. Basically we are using food and nutrients in therapeutic amounts as medicine to help your body restore, heal and maintain good health.

At NatureSense Health and Wellness I can help you with any dietary concerns you may have. I will help you analyse your dietary habits and support you with any changes that may be necessary. Its not all about cutting out all the good stuff and just eating lettuce and green smoothies! I will identify possible nutrient deficiencies in your diet and help you increase these nutrients through a tailored diet plan just for you.

One thing to always remember is there is no good or bad food, there is just nutrient rich and nutrient poor food. We live in a busy time and we must always be realistic about our diets. At NatureSense Health and Wellness I will work with you and support you with practical, realistic, easy to implement dietary and nutritional changes with no judgement.

Green Smoothie
Chia Pudding
Chicken Shish Kebab

You can change your health through changing your diet, it can be that simple!