Healthy Aging

Aging well is a hot topic at the moment. We are an aging population and staying healthy as long as possible is the ultimate goal. Chronic disease has a huge impact of the Australian health care system and with most disease being preventable or lifestyle related there is a lot that can be done to reduce this burden.

As each birthday passes the increased risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease and cancer increases. Other issues associated with aging such as memory loss, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain are all real areas of concern to those who are classified as 'elderly'. On top of all that is the dreaded fear of dementia and becoming a burden to society.

As we age, we appear to become invisible to society and our concerns are no longer really listened too. With each problem that presents to us as we age, finding a solution seems difficult. A significant number of people over 60 are taking numerous medications for a multiple of conditions. Often each medication causes side effects which leads to another medication! While medications are prolonging our lives and letting us live better with chronic disease we appear to have placed more emphasis on managing chronic disease rather than preventing it.


At NatureSense Health and Wellness I will listen to you, ask you about your medical history, your family history and significant life events, as this will give us an understanding of your current health complaints.

Areas and conditions that can be supported:


My treatment plans will incorporate dietary advice specific to your condition and relevant to the aging gastrointestinal system as this is completely different from when you were younger. We will support you with lifestyle advice and how to remain fit, active and brain healthy.  Individualised treatment protocols will be specific for your health complaint and I can make a real difference to your health and wellbeing if I understand the cause of your condition. You are never just another number to a naturopath and you are always a valued and cared for client. It is completely possible to reverse some of the signs of aging no matter how old you are with the right support.

Age is just a number, how well you live your life, how happy you are and how empowered you are is what will determine your state of health. 

mature couple in the outdoors
older man athlete running
Mature couple, happy, healthy

Do not just accept that everything is part of aging! You can still be vital, fit and active regardless of the number of candles on your cake!