Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicines are founded in tradition with current scientific evidence of their uses. Many constituents in herbs are also found in conventional pharmaceutical medicines and can support healing and wellness by utilising the same biochemical pathways. The difference with Herbal Medicine is the whole of the plant is used, which combined has a synergistic effect and can act on the biochemical pathways in the body to bring about change. Herbal Medicine can be administered via liquid herbs, powder and tablet formulations and of course, herbal tea!

To utilise Herbal Medicine practitioners are extensively trained in anatomy & physiology, biochemistry, pathology, conventional and herbal pharmacology, intensive research based skills, botany and Materia Medica. Herbalism is a traditional medical modality which can balance, heal, tone and rectify body dysfunction in combination with other naturopathic treatments.

The Herbal Medicine provided by NatureSense Health and Wellness is of the highest quality available in Australia and is supported by evidence based studies for their specific use in all formulations.

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