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Monika's Organics and Carnevore'

In this newsletter we are only hearning from Karen and Wayne at Carnevore. Daniel from Monika's is under the pump at the moment with crops coming in and staffing issues!. I was absolutely devasted when the fires went through the Adelaide Hills in December and January. Not only do I have many friends and clients in this region, I also have a son in the CFS so it was a stressful time for me.

Karen and Wayne had a difficult year personally in 2019 and the fires at the end of this year just added to the stress. I would like to take this opportunity to say how amazing this couple are and how hard they work. If you want to do something to support your local community with recovering from the fires, this business is very deserving of your time and money. The meat is top quality and after tasting this, supermarket beef will just not be the same!


Grass fed and chemical free beef raised in the Adelaide Hills
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Well it’s been a very interesting couple of months since the fires on our Mt. Torrens farm. We were fortunate enough to save the house and shedding however the fires tore through the farm taking everything in it’s path. We lost all our fencing, all our water lines and troughs, all our freshly cut hay and every bit of pasture on the property. It has been an incredibly stressful time. If we had chosen to evacuate we would have lost everything. The decision to stay was made easier by the fact that we had a lot of help from local farm fire fighting units. For the first time since we have lived on this property there were no livestock here that week (other than our horses), the cattle had all been shifted to our other leased property at Cromer. We are very happy to report there were miraculously no livestock losses or injuries. The fire hit us so quick due to a wind change that the CFS couldn’t access the property. They were needed in so many areas of the hills and they just couldn’t simply be everywhere at once.


As we were hit at dusk we didn’t know the full extent of the damage until the next morning. Sun up was an incredibly moving time. We just stood on our verandah and cried, it was devasting.


Over the last two months we have managed to pull down all our ruined fences. We have started the enormous task of knocking in new fence posts. There is a nation wide shortage of fencing materials due to the amount of farming land affected by fires Australia wide. We were fortunate to get our hands on enough posts to start the rebuild. We will be waiting for quite a while for the remainder of our order.


This week we have had a double semi trailer load of organic chicken manure delivered and spread. All we need now is some good rain to wash it all in. As organic farmer’s there are benefits to having your pastures burnt out. All weeds were destroyed in the fires. So this is a positive for us !! We need to wait now until April to have the new pastures sown, this is a lengthy and costly process. Unfortunately our pastures were hit very hard and the soil temperatures were high for a long time after the fire so not a lot of seed survived under the ground. We may be able to get cattle back on this property this year – maybe – depending on rain and pasture growth. The last thing we want to do is put large, heavy animals on fresh grasses, they will tread a lot of it into the ground.


It's going to be a long road ahead but it’s one we will take very seriously so we can get everything ‘just right’.

Carnevore' products can be ordered on line from our Mt Torrens property at