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Winter has almost arrived and with the change in weather has come rain!. Read more about what is happening on the farms with the change of season.


Monika's Organics

Monika’s Organics takes pride in producing certified organic vegetables which are nutritious and chemical free.

Hello everyone! An update on what’s been happening on the farm this month.

As the cold weather sets in and finally brings some much-needed rain, I have been busy sowing the last patch of spinach seeds for the season which will be ready to harvest mid-august. Another important part of organic farming is cover cropping or green manure, this is done on land that is being rested and will be irrigated by the winter rains. This year I have sown oats, some of the important benefits of doing this is to improve soil health, add organic matter to soils, supress weeds and disease, reduce soil erosion, promote biodiversity and add nitrogen to the soil.

In the spring I will cultivate the cover crop back into the soil where it will be broken down by worms and soil microbes to improve the organic carbon levels and structure of the soil. Finally, as the cold weather sets in you can expect excellent quality and supply of the true winter lines such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and leeks.


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Grass fed and chemical free beef raised in the Adelaide Hills

Autumn, that beautiful time of the year when the heavens open up and deliver us our opening rains. Never before have we been so dry in the Adelaide Hills. The longest time in Adelaide’s history without recorded rainfall – it’s been a tough few months !

And with the opening rain comes green feed, our dry pastures are now alive with colour and vibrance. To our rain gods a very BIG thank you. It will probably be about 6 weeks until we have some decent pick for the cattle but it has started – hooray.

We still need to supplement the cattle’s feed with our home grown pasture hay. For a such a rough few months we have to be proud of how these guys have held condition. They are still looking and eating really well.

Autumn is also a busy time for fertilising. Our contractor has been out spreading organic chicken manure on our pastures at Cromer and here in Mt. Torrens we are using large quantities of Go-Go Juice. Both of these organic fertilizers deliver great results so we are looking forward to more rain and more pasture growth in the coming months.

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