Appointment Information

January 2022 update

With the current COVID-19 situation I have altered some of my naturopathic practices to ensure that appointments are more convientient for you. At present as a naturopath I am now able to offer you personalised treatment plans, prescriptive advice and supplements via online and telephone consultations only. In clinic consultations will resume when the risk of transmission has reduced. Any prescriptions required can be picked up from clinic or couriered straight to your door, so extremely convenient for you!


The process of these consultations are exactly the same as if you were visiting me in clinic but with some modifications in regards to physical assessments which will be addressed personally during the consultation.

Initial and Follow Up consultations are offered online via Zoom video or by telephone 

As part of my commitment to you and your health my appointment structure is explained here so you have a clear understanding of how I am going to approach your journey to recovery.

Initial Appointment:

This appointment is our "Fact Finding Appointment". During this time I will ask you some in depth questions based on your information provided in the intake questionnaire. I will ask you questions about your past medical history, your family history and dietary and lifestyle habits. If you have relevant test results from elsewhere, please bring them along with you at this appointment. I am here to listen to your health concerns and understand what your health goals are. In order for me to assess these goals and ensure they are met I may request extra information such as testing to be provided by the next appointment. This appointment is the time where I really dig deep to understand your current state of health and wellbeing! During this appointment I will also do physical assessments consisting of an Iridology analysis, blood pressure monitoring and tongue, nail and skin analysis. (Physical assessments not applicable for Online Consultations)

As part of this initial appointment I will spend time after your appointment researching what is going on in your body and causing you to feel the way you currently do.


A comprehensive individualised treatment plan will then be formulated and presented to you at the second appointment. 

Duration: 60 to 75 minutes            Cost:   $140.00 (supplements and external testing additional)

Second Appointment:

At this appointment you will be presented with a comprehensive analysis of our fact finding appointment and your personal treatment plan. It is important to note that as I will be addressing your health concerns holistically no treatment plan will be the same. The plan may involve dietary and lifestyle advice as well as possible herbal, nutritional or homeopathic supplementation depending on your presentation. At this appointment a clear treatment plan and goal will be agreed upon in partnership with you.

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes            Cost:    $80.00 (supplements and external testing additional)

Follow up Consultations:

As naturopathy is focused on addressing the underlying causes of your health condition, please be aware that this can take time. While you may initially feel better with a reduction of symptoms (which is what I aim for), rectifying the underlying drivers of what led you to this point in your health may be more complex and may need adjustments until we reach your specific ideal plan. My role is to support, educate and empower you to understand your health and make the necessary changes to improve your overall health and wellness. As this journey progresses your appointments will be booked further apart until we reach a maintenance stage. At this stage it is similar to looking after your car! We recommend 6 monthly check ups just to keep everything harmoniously balanced!

Duration: 30 - 45 minutes             Cost:    $80.00 (supplements and external testing additional)


Standard Follow Up (suitable for monitoring ongoing initial treatment plan to allow time for discussion on progression, diet modification and test results.

Duration up to 45 minutes  $80.00 (supplements and external testing additional)


Consultations offered:


Concessions available

If you are a pensioner, a full-time tertiary student or the holder of a healthcare card, you are eligible for a reduction of 15% on the consultation fee.

Child Consultations (under 12 years of age)

Consultations with children will be the same duration but at a reduced cost of:

Initial Consultation: $100

Follow up Consultations: $55

(Packages can also be purchased. Talk to your Naturopath about costs)

Cancellation Policy

My goal at NatureSense Health and Wellness is to provide quality health care in a timely manner. Therefore, please notify me if you are unable to attend your appointment no less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. To assist with this, you will be sent a reminder of your upcoming appointment 48 hours prior to your allocated time. I understand emergencies can occur and are happy to work with you to reschedule but any subsequent appointments that are cancelled, missed or rescheduled within this 24-hour period, 50% of the consultation fee will be charged. By booking an appointment you agree to adhere to these terms.

I am committed to helping you achieve your health goals and we value the time you allow me to work with you and would appreciate your understanding that appointments missed could be given to other clients.