In my 40's I had Coronary Angioplasty and a stent. Then began my journey to health, fitness and well-being . I visited Jo at NatureSense Health and Wellness a few months ago to learn how Naturopathy could support my overall health. Our initial discussion was thorough...lots of information was shared and I learned that so much of our past affects our current health. There was no judgement or negativity. Jo listens to you and is genuinely interested in you and the goals you wish to achieve. She is passionate about educating you to help yourself and I've begun to understand my body and how to support it. It's refreshing to talk to a professional who is willing to work with you and any other medical professionals involved in your care. To be able to work together towards your goal of health and living life. "I feel energised, happy and focused again. I highly recommend Jo at NatureSense Health and Wellness".

- Shelley (May 2019)

I would highly recommend Jo Douglas who owns and runs NatureSense Health and Wellness clinic at Mawson Lakes. Her knowledge of natural therapies is fantastic. I have been going to her for over 5 months and the results have been amazing! My Doctor and kidney specialist are extremely happy with all of my blood results. I am a diabetic with chronic kidney disease and she has helped me lower my blood glucose, my weight and also helped me with lowering my stress levels. To me she is my healing angel and I have never felt so good. Make an appointment. You wont regret it!

- Sandy

(July 2019)

"After suffering from Ulcerative Colitis, Anxiety and Depression for the past 20 plus years, I decided to try something different and see Jo at NatureSense Health and Wellness. Having been on a multitude of prescription drugs and trial infusion that not only left me feeling sick and lethargic they only seemed to mask the symptoms. With Jo's help we have built up my gut health via natural supplements and I am now off all prescription drugs. I am feeling alot more confident about controlling my illness instead of my illness controlling me. I am making major steps forward (with the help of Jo) to becoming a better me, the old me" 

- Randall (Feb 2019)

"1 month after having my second baby, I started seeing Jo as my postpartum hormonal changes were becoming difficult to cope with daily. I was suffering with extreme anxiety, panic attacks, increased sweating, tiredness and irritability, as well as high blood pressure. In less than 2 months of implementing Jo’s recommendations, I feel like a completely different person. I am not suffering with anxiety, my blood pressure has lowered significantly, I am energetic in the mornings and making the effort to continue to identify and eliminate the foods that trigger my unwanted symptoms. I have introduced cold therapy techniques into my routine, which have helped immensely with my persistent sweating. Jo has armed me with the supplements, and knowledge, to make better choices to suit my current health goals. I am so excited to continue to work with Jo on making further improvements to my health. Jo has really changed my perspective on how I have the ability to improve my lifestyle and emotional wellbeing"

-  Tammi (March 2019)

" I started seeing Jo because I suffered from chronic tonsillitis. I felt fatigued and anxious all the time and was run down. Jo identified the causes of my issues and through herbal remedies, dietary and lifestyle changes, she was effectively able to treat them. Thanks to her I have now been tonsillitis free for over a year! My fatigue and anxiety has gone, my immune system is back to where it should be and I couldn't be happier.She has given me the tools to feel empowered about my health instead of helpless. I can honestly say that she has changed my life and I can't thank her enough"

 - Jade (Feb 2019)