Weight Loss

Have you tried losing weight on your own? Tried calorie counting, point counting or restricting food? Trying to lose weight can be so difficult, stressful and frustrating. It can be disheartening and overwhelming and the huge amount of different dietary advice on the internet can just add to the confusion. Do you lose a few kilograms and then return straight back to where you were as soon as you relax just the slightest with your diet? So frustrating...


Current science indicates that each person has their own individual weight setpoint. This is the weight that your body appears to think is where you are meant to be. Unfortunately even if you are overweight your body will do all it can to keep you at this setpoint. Retraining the body and slowly resetting the setpoint can be done under naturopathic guidance and stop the yo yo weight gain/loss.

At NatureSense Health and Wellness I take a different approach to weight loss.  I will help you to understand your reasons for your weight gain by assessing your current nutritional status and the biochemical processes behind your weight gain. My aim is to support you to lose weight slowly and preserve your muscle mass by supplying healthy recipes and realistic exercise goals while supporting a healthy metabolism.  Utilising stored fat and switching on fat metabolism will be addressed as part of your treatment plan. I will help you cope with cravings and the ups and downs of weight loss.

Weight Loss Essentials
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My goal is to help you lose weight and be healthy, happy and full of vitality!!

Weight Gain

Being underweight can be just as problematic as being overweight with many health issues associated with being too thin. There are many reasons for being underweight such as heredity, aging, stress, poor eating habits and nutrition, sleep disorders, thyroid disorders and illness. Naturopathic care will help you to address these causes and reduce the risks associated with low body weight such as:

  • Vitamin deficiencies

  • Malnutrition

  • Poor immune function

  • Osteoporosis from poor vitamin D and calcium status

  • Fertility problems and hormonal dysfunction

  • Growth and development issues

At NatureSense Health and Wellness I will help you reach a healthy weight goal by supporting optimal nutritional intake, combined with addressing any underlying cause for the weight loss. Careful attention needs to be paid to your protein intake and choosing nutritionally rich food that will support a realistic and long lasting weight gain. Eating just high calorie food is not the answer as this could compound the underlying cause and contribute to other negative metabolic affects such as high cholesterol.


Improve your overall health and wellbeing by being a healthy weight!

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