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6 Week Guided Naturopathic Health Reset

It is  sometimes very difficult for people to lose weight without targeted intervention. As a naturopath I offer dietary advice, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations as part of my ongoing treatment plans but sometimes we need a little more guidance and support.

This program is a weight management and healthy eating 6 week package designed to support clients who need more specific dietary advice, recipes and weekly support in a cost effective package without having to pay for the cost of a full consult at each visit.

Do you struggle to lose or maintain your weight? Have you tried multiple diets with limited success? Are you confused about what you can eat?

With my help you will learn what is right for your body. There is no one diet for all. This approach works with your biochemistry, your health issues and your life. This individualised program will be formulated for you based on realistic, healthy eating guides.

This plan will help you lose weight and keep it off

Over the 6 weeks you will experience changes in you body such as:

  • Increased energy

  • Improvements in your gastrointestinal health

  • Balanced hormones

  • Better moods with less emotional dips

  • Improved quality and quantity of sleep

  • Weight loss and measurement loss

  • Regulated blood sugars

  • Improvements in brain power and less brain fog

Plus a general improvement in your overall health

Are you ready to make that change and commit to a better you?

Whole Life Vitality Eating for Heath Program Manual

(with included meal plans, recipes, exercise goals and nutritional advice)

Meal Assessment questionnaire addressing your needs and goals

  • Wk 1 - Initial consultation (1 hour)

                - Explain dietary program

                - Measurements and weight recorded

  • Wk 2 – 15 minute weigh in and chat. How are you going? What’s hard/what’s easy?

  • Wk 3 – 30 minute naturopathic consultation. In depth health assessment

  • Wk 4 - 15 minute weigh in and chat. How are you going? What’s hard/what’s easy?

  • Wk 5 – 30 minute naturopathic consultation. Another opportunity to catch up

  • Wk 6 – 30 minute final consultation with weigh in and measurements taken


Plus a personal health journal to document your journey

Plus an initial protein powder (if needed, value $44) to start you on your journey

Plus a liver detox supplement (value $42) to help the liver begin to metabolise fat.

Plus as an extra bonus a 2 week recipe plan formulated specifically for you with your likes and dislikes, family size and also specific dietary goals in mind.​

Included in this program is:

This 6 week program is based on a one off fee which gives you complete support from a naturopath who will assess YOUR health and YOUR diet needs. This is an individualised weight management program designed to educate and support healthy eating and vitality!

Total package price $425

Fortnightly payment plan available