Hormonal Health

Hormones are a complex and tricky business! We are all unique with our own individual hormonal balance and when things are not quite right, havoc can reign down. Hormonal imbalances can lead to pre-menstrual syndrome, irregular bleeding (heavy, light or none!), bad cramping, pain, fatigue, weight gain, fertility problems, headaches, mood disorders,. the list goes on and on........................... The hormone fluctuations can lead to disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis, fibroids, plus many more. 

As we age our hormones also change and in the years leading up to menopause our menstrual cycles can alter dramatically causing all sorts of problems. Then we transition into menopause where our hormones change again and can cause distressing symptoms for some.

NatureSense Health and Wellness will assist you in naturally managing these conditions. Historically, herbal medicine has successfully been used in supporting and treating hormonal imbalances. There is also current evidence supporting herbal medicinal use and in conjunction with nutritional and lifestyle support, real and lasting changes can be made to improve health and wellbeing. Treatments can be offered as an alternative or an adjunct to conventional  medical treatment.

Consulting a naturopath can help demystify what is happening to your body. At NatureSense Health and Wellness I will help you understand the biochemical and hormonal cycles of your body and create a treatment plan to bring about balance and harmony and reduce your signs and symptoms. 

From preconception care, birth, and post natal support all the way through to post menopausal we can support you and help you navigate through the wonder that is the human body. Embrace change!

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Understand your body and receive the care you deserve!